Aron Conaway - Artist Statement 2005

Aron Conaway is a conceptual artist born and raised in Louisville. In 2001 he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography from the University of Louisville and is currently enrolled in the Masters Program for Critical and Curatorial Studies. Despite his degree in photography Aron works regularly in sculpture, and finds that as a conceptual artist it is vital to be able to command any medium in order to convey an abstract idea. Aron's preferred mediums are photography, video, illustration, graphic design, found object assemblage, and metal casting/ fabrication. The scale of his work ranges from small, intimate bronze sculpture to giant, ominous installation.

As a conceptual artist Aron's work is unapologetic and loaded with social commentary and criticism. His work is meant to chip away at the structure of people's beliefs, attack their sense of sureness and create an assault of concern. With honesty and sincerity he pushes the injustices of the world right under their noses, striving to remind people of their own humanity. He celebrates the forgotten people, the underdogs, the world's impoverished masses. His concepts function to hold a mirror in the face of America, probing all capable thinkers to consider that this 'American Dream' can and will sweep the Earth right out from under our feet. He challenges war based on corporate greed, police-state control, and all that is sucking the planet dry of health and freedom. He is a revolutionary driven with purpose and a heart-felt responsibility to stand up for the weak and to empower the masses through art and education.

Aron believes that all positive effort is progress and this is the work that inspires him to put one foot in front of the other. He is a freedom fighter for social-justice and peace. Aron is an artist standing up to fight in the 'New Revolution', the evolution of the societal mind.

Be the light...