Aron Conaway - New Plan, 2001

So I have finally reached the moment where I step into the "Real World". I am not quite sure where I have been until now. I have been told all my life that I must realize that the life of a student is easy and that when I reach the "Real World," my ideals will wash away with my youth. Being young must be naïveté.

So with that said, I feel its time to grow up, leave my silly political ideals behind. I plan to conform. To rid myself of my socially conscious ideas of art. I want to sell out and start making the art that everyone else who is successful makes. Money is all that it is about now. Public relations may be a good place to put my creative energy. At least people will pay attention. I would feel very necessary if I was creating company logos or making advertisements that fooled people in to thinking a product was worthwhile and better than the next guy's. I will look just like the next guy. I will find out what everybody likes to talk about and what everyone likes to look at and then show it to him or her.

The real world, where I get to blend in and play the game that has been set in front of me… I would hate to find myself needing to change anything or making any noise in the world. I am tired of my ideals. I will bask in my apathy and take it further. I want to exploit and follow rules. I want to be the elite and climb that ladder of success… because I know that it is all about the money. I will someday be a five-star General in the Corporate Army. And then, with my security and blanket of wealth I will have power and status.

My art thus far has been worthless and unimportant. I have never had a piece bought because it is too abrasive and shows people what they don't want to see. I had the inane expectation of creating work that would be a social contribution. I aimed for peace, for a healthy planet, for feminist equality and an end to exploitation. I had a lust for meaning, for juxtaposition and irony. I had a burning passion to take the world by the balls and make it squeal until I was happy with the positive change that I had seen. I was actually planning to waste my time being happy in my stasis. To remain a starving artist because that was the only way that an artist could be an artist. I believed that I had to remain close to "the people" so that I could stay socially conscious.

But with those ball and chain ideas behind me I can rise to the infamy of the art world; Work within its Corporate confines. Screw the people! Screw the Movement. 'Cause nothings going to save this sorry planet and its sorry souls. Why not just throw my weight into it and try to make the Omega come a little faster? And make a little dough in the meantime!

George Bush in 2004 and hail to the almighty Dollar! I am reborn and what can I do for you to make a Buck? I am now your art prostitute and I promise no one will be offended!