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LEO : "Art: Art to the people ‘Creative Rising’ targets the Phoenix Hill Neighborhood" by Jo Anne Triplett
WFPK The Edit + Radio Spot - Creativity Rising
L is For Louisville, Holland-Brown Books
Louisville Arts Review, Creativity Rising (cover) -- Page1 -- Page2 -- Page3 -- Page4
Label 228, book by Camden Noir, Soft Skull Press
21c Museum Website - Creativity Rising
Visually Impaired Preschool Services Website, "VIPS Full-Time Preschool Program" 3 new art schools in Kentucky are phenomenon, by Diane Heilenman, 1/11/2010, Courier-Journal Magnet Magazine, Q&A with Shipping News' Jason Noble Younger Group Real Estate Web Blog : Neighborhood Pride Rises from Phoenix Hill PAINT - You Are Here

Velocity Magazine, What I'm Into
Phantom Family Halo, Monoliths and These Flowers Never Die, Karate Body Records (record circles photography on double LP+layout)
Photography on Kentucky School of Art Website
Congratulations to Aron Conaway on his new position at the Louisville Visual Art Association!
Open Doors Program Art with purpose for our community, by the community
Louisville Hardcore on Nelligan Hall FILM: Shoot The Messenger? Gladly Aron Conaway, Hallie Jones document problems, answers BY ALAN ABBOTT

Bourbon Inspires Kentucky Art Makers w/ Art Photo Printed
Velocity, ‘Trash to Treasure’
Louisville Eccentric Observer, RE:ACTION Staff Picks
Louisville Eccentric Observer, RE:ACTION show card
Art in America, Artist/ Gallery Listings
Courier Journal, ‘My Darling Asleep and others will perform to benefit LAVA House’
Louisville Eccentric Observer, Cover Story for February 6, 2008
Courier Journal, ‘Lava House fire gutted building, not artists' spirit’

Courier Journal, Weekend Extra, Shotgun Fest
Louisville Eccentric Observer, The Uninviting, Bill Carner
Louisville Eccentric Observer, T’What? Photography in "What, me worry? Inside the growing movement to oust Sen. Mitch McConnell" by Stephen George
Velocity, T’What?
Courier- Journal, The Uninviting
LEO The Case for Art in a Time of War

Louisville: Then and Now, Photography
Speed Museum Webpage. Photograph Posted for Documenting Dissent
Louisville Eccentric Observer, Louisville: Then and Now
Street Art Breaks into University Gallery" Louisville Cardinal, Dissent : Art From the Street
Louisville Cardinal, Computer Art
Louisville Eccentric Observer, Percent for Art Program
Courier-Journal, ‘Left Bank Portland : The Hope Mills Building Studios’
Courier-Journal, ‘Louisville Then and Now Book Review’

Courier-Journal, ‘LIFT .45’
Velocity, ‘WXBH’
Louisville Magazine, ‘Brick by Brick : WXBH’
Louisville Eccentric Observer, April 20, 2005, ‘Thunder Over Portland:
dueling stages, jousting Thunder’
The Guide, Spring issue, ‘LIVE Performances’
Literary LEO, Third Place Award, Feb. 9, 2005
Courier-Journal, Arts & Leisure: LIVE Series, Sun. Feb. 6, 2005

The Guide, Fall issue, ‘Artist Statements’
Portland Anchor, October Vol. 31, No. 1
Louisville Eccentric Observer, October 27, LAVA House article
Courier-Journal, December 2, Metro section
Louisville Eccentric Observer, March 24, 2004, Show Review,
As The World Turns, Swanson Reed Contemporary Gallery

Courier-Journal, Saturday October 11, 2002
Courier-Journal, Sunday July 22, 2001
Entropy, Brushfire Artist Collective Magazine, drawings




89.3 FM WFPL | Phoenix Hill’s Public Art
Portland Pride: Twenty First Century Ideas for a Historic
Neighborhood – Short Film
Mighty Kindness Harvest Hootenanny Film Festival –Portland

Ohio Valley Creative Energy, Turning Trash into Treasure
Stop Animation Film